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Alice Murphy / Swing


Spring 2021


Sarofim Open Air Outdoor Theater
Sarofim School of Fine Arts
Southwestern University


DIRECTOR - Joey Banks
MUSIC DIRECTOR - Dr. Beth Everett
STAGE MANAGER - Logan Holmes
ASST. STAGE MANAGER - Hailey Cagle & Jillian Etheredge
SCENIC DESIGN - Lilly Percifield Smith
COSTUME DESIGN - Campbell Duffy
SOUND DESIGN - Rod Simonsen
LIGHT DESIGN - Andrew Snyder & Luis Sandoval


I never thought I would be doing a full musical in masked, with nine foot distancing, limited movement, and shorter rehearsals... But Bright Star was all of that and more. It was one of the largest challenges but was so rewarding to bring back musicals to Southwestern. 


The ironic part of this show, is that I was not going to audition for it. My goal was to be in one musical in college, and I had accomplished that with Heathers, but I was told I needed to audition for the department and to maintain my scholarship, I did audition, and I am so grateful I did. I would have never thought in a million years that I would have to opportunity to be a lead in a musical. 


In this role, I was not only given the privilege and challenge of being double cast opposite the amazingly talented Trinity Denson, but was also assigned as the female swing for the show… Meaning that I learned the songs, harmonies, lines, and blocking of the other three female characters. I was already getting less practice time as Alice being double cast, but I was actually used as the swing in this show when my sweet friend Katherine had to quarantine for two weeks, and I took time filling in for her role as Margo Crawford. Of course, Katherine came back and jumped in without missing a beat, but I was able to fulfill my role as a lead, and as a swing during this production. I ended up playing three of the four named female characters at different points during the process, and I am proud to say when I was called upon to play them, I was memorized and ready to go each time. 
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